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About Ireland

Republic of Ireland

Ireland is the third largest island in Europe, and the twentieth-largest island in the world. Ireland lies to the north-west of continental Europe and is surrounded by hundreds of islands and islets. To the east of Ireland, separated by the Irish Sea, is the island of Great Britain. Politically, the state Ireland (described as the Republic of Ireland in cases of ambiguity) covers five-sixths of the island, with Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, covering the remainder in the north-east.

The population of the island is slightly over six million (2007), with 4.34 million in the Republic of Ireland (1.7 million living in Dublin) and an estimated 1.75 million in Northern Ireland (0.6 million living in Belfast).

Irish airspace

When operating in Irish airspace, please observe the following general IVAO rules:


Whenever practicable, 122.800 and 121.500 should be continuously monitored unless another frequency (ATC station for example) is more appropriate.


All altitudes are above mean sea level (AMSL) in feet.

  • Transition altitude: 5000ft.
  • Default Transition level: FL60

More information on Transition Levels in Irish airspace can be found here

Transponder Codes

The following codes are allocated for use by pilots, without direction from ATC for the purposes specified. Use these codes unless ATC instruct otherwise:

  • Code 2000 - When departing from an uncontrolled airport
  • Code 7000 - When flying VFR, uncontrolled
  • Code 7500 - Unlawful Interference (Hi-Jack) (NOT ALLOWED ON IVAO)
  • Code 7600 - Radio Failure
  • Code 7700 - Aircraft Emergency

More information on Transponder Codes in Irish airspace can be found here

Speed restrictions

Do not exceed the 250kts IAS below FL100, unless you have permission from ATC, or the classification of airspace you are flying in means you are exempt from the rule. Military aircraft may also exceed the restriction.


Altimeter settings are measured in hectopascal and the standard setting is 1013hPA (1013.25hPA to be precise).

No available ATC

Intentions must be broadcasted on the Unicom frequency of 122.800


Charts for airports in Ireland are available through the Aeronautical Information Package and can be found in the charts section of the website. We strongly recommend that you use them.