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Airtraffic Controllers

Welcome to the controllers' section of IVAO Ireland.

If you require any further information that isn't included in the website, or need any specific help with any of the material, please contact our ATC Operations department, using "Contact Us" located at the top of the webpage.


Controller Guidelines: General guidelines for all controllers within the Irish airspace.
Airspace system: A detailed description of how Irish airspace is organised.
Standard Procedures: Standard Operating Procedures for all ATC positions within Irish airspace.
Local Procedures: Specific procedures per airport.
ATC Positions: Available positions in Irish airspace.
Transition Levels: A table of the levels to be used.
SSR Codes: Transponder codes used in Irish airspace.
Follow Me Service: Rules for Follow Me Cars.
Facility Ratings: Required ratings in Irish airspace.
ATC Training: Information on how to get training.
Documents & Guides: Useful documents and guides to aid you with controlling.