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Welcome to IVAO Ireland's New Members section.

Dear New Member,

On behalf of the Irish members and staff, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for joining the IVAO community. You are going to experience the most realistic virtual aviation simulation there is! I am sure that like most aviation enthusiasts, you can't wait to logon and takeoff. But are you ready for this? Do you know your aircraft? Do you know how to communicate with the controllers? If you are joining us as a controller, do you know the procedures? Can you tell what's on your radar screen?

If you answered "no" or "not sure" to any one of these questions, I would advise you to first read and learn the “How to” of Air Traffic Control before you login. A good preparation before your first flight will ensure an enjoyable experience for all users, by reducing your stress level and reducing the frustration level of other users.

For most members, the main reason for choosing IVAO versus other networks lies in its mission statement:

Providing the Flight Simulation Community a highly realistic aviation environment is IVAO's prime objective.

That’s right. You are here to experiment a realistic aviation environment, so you better be prepared. (as we say in aviation, a good landing starts with a good approach.)

Firstly, if you are a pilot, we strongly recommend you are familiar with your aircraft before coming online. In Microsoft Flight Simulator for instance, the learning section and the lessons are quite good enough to make you comfortable with flying.

When you install IvAp, which allows you to connect to the IVAO servers, it is very important that you read the manual that comes with it, to fully understand how it works. Most members will be happy to help if you have some trouble (this is what we call airmanship), but keep in mind that they are there to fly, not to repeat things that you should have read before connecting.

A controller who has a very quiet and boring evening with no planes on his radar screen will be glad to help you if you scratch your head for a specific topic but a controller already dealing with two or three planes doesn’t have the time to explain the ABC’s of writing a flight plan. He has to . . . control!

Now, once you have learned how to prepare your flight, or understand how the radar screen works, then it will be time for you to sneak around this page, looking in the left and upper menus. After your first few hours, you can request training and exams that will take you to higher ranks.

Once again, thanks for choosing IVAO, and welcome aboard!

Membership Department
IVAO Ireland

If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact our Membership Coordinators using "Contact Us" at the top of this page.