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Special Operations


The role of special operations covers a multitude of scenarios, some being military and others being civilian.

IVAO is completely against war operations. Simulated killing is a good way to be removed from IVAO very quickly.

The point of special operations is to have a change from the ordinary A to B flying and put a bit of fun into the hobby whilst developing flying abilities.

Mission examples

There are various types of missions available to perform online on the IVAO network.

Category A - General Operations   Category B - Military Operations
Fire-fighting Formation flights
Police operations Air-to-Air Refuelling
Coastguard Shipborne and Aircraft Carrier Practices
Shipwreck and SAR Low-level Flights
Fisheries protection AWACs simulations
Medical and Casualty Evacuation Reconnaissance flights
VIP flights with escorts Air-to-Air
Humanitarian flights Air-to-Ground Operations
Anti Smuggling operations  
Fly-Ins with military aircraft